The Central Arkansas Postal Customer Council was established with the mission to ensure that our customers stay aware of the latest news from the Postal Service and their industries. We foster teaming and work to manage relationships that best serve our customers, share information and help organizations to grow and develop their knowledge.

Member Benefits


Experience how the US Postal Service and CAPCC members can help your business save money. Find out about the latest information on Postal Service products, rates and procedures. Get valuable information you can put to work.


The Central Arkansas PCC offers educational events for members and guests to understand the latest developments and regulations related to mailing services and the USPS. Everything from Mailpiece design to Rate changes and new product education are awaiting you with your membership.


You will have the opportunity to meet with and discuss ideas with mailers from all types of businesses including:

Non-Profit · Education · Private Industry · Financial Institutions · Government


Have the opportunity to make and hear suggestions about using new products and services. Discuss issues that affect your business and how it pertains to the whole mailing industry.

For more information about the Central Arkansas Postal Customer Council and how to become a member, please contact your local Postmaster

The Postal Customer Council (PCC) network has been improving the working relationship between the Postal Service™ and its customers for more than 40 years. On a national and local level, PCCs work to continually improve communication between postal customers and local postal managers.

The Postal Customer Council network provides a forum for mailers to discuss and resolve local mailing issues with their local postmaster. The PCC also serves as an avenue for its members to exchange ideas and suggestions on new Postal Service products and services, improving service and understanding mailers' needs.

Via regular meetings and events, members are provided an opportunity to interact with each other and local postal managers to discuss pertinent topics and issues.